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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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Passion. Dedication. Creativity.
The main ingredients of our dishes.
And of our Wine Card.


Homemade bread

We don’t content ourself with normal bread. Our bread is homemade by Luciano that, thanks to ancient flour and lievito madre produces everyday fresh bakery with different ingredients that exalt the taste, the fragrance and the quality.

The Fish

What could you expect from a restaurant placed in a fishermen’s island? Fresh fish everyday, obviously. We select all the mornings the best fished of the day to prepare it as we only can do.

The Wine

Always looking for the best and rarest wine, our wine collection contain more than 350 labels from Italy and France, plus the most exclusive Champagne list you can find on the island. Only the best wine can pair with the best food.


After being for more than 40 years inside the vegetarian world, “l’Ostrica” starts to specialize with vegan biological dishes using tofu, seitan and tempeh together with our vegetables to make happy really everybody.


A fable settled on the sea from more than 50 years.
Mortula’s opened the doors of a paradise that awaits just to be visited
and tasted.

Why is this restaurant called “l’Ostrica?

Because you who comes eating here are the pearl inside of it.

– Sauro Mortula –



Benvenuti nel vostro angolo di paradiso.

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