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The story begins when Sauro Mortula decided to set up the first meeting place for the fishermen of the Gulf in 1953 in the tranquil beach of Forno, welcoming on his terrace, facing the sea at sunset, the lucky ones who could taste his Spaghetti ai Muscoli.

Marina Ceccarelli changed radically Sauto’s life from a sentimental and culinary point of view, becoming his wife and first chef of “l’Ostrica”” and bringing her passion and car in all the dishesshe prepared. Marina’s mastery together with Sauro’s energy and joviality created one of the most popular restaurants on the Island.

After having being working together for years, Luciano, Sauro’s son, took over the restaurant on 1998, renenewing and traforming it in a more modern, elegant and refined mode, making his strong points the welcimong, the attenction to the guests and the cult of quality.

He never stops, year after year, investing in that paradise. The family tradition has always continued over this period.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Gabriele’s professionality and Michele’s friendlyness, create impeccable service and magic ambients, creating a unique experience.



Luciano Mortula, by now a well known photographer, in 2015 decided to change the internal dining area that, untill then, was designed to welcome the guests during the cooler weather and the unfortunate tourists facing the rare summer storms.

Luciano changed the internal dining room using Kartell’s forniture designed by Vico Magistretti, for a more modern and linear style.

A top quality hi-tech illuimination permitted him to enhance the tecnical perferction that he always looked for in his travels.


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