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The Fish Eye Project” is the new photographic exibition of Luciano Mortula, inaugurate on 17th June 2017.

Luciano chose in the past years 12 shots, traveling trough different capitals in Europe such as Rome, London, Prague and Budapest to arrive in America and Asia, between ancient buildings and modern structures, with vibrant neon colors and natural sunlight. The works capture the subjects in an original way and from a completely new way point of view, thanks to the “fish eye” lens that permit the photographer to shoot with a 180° angle, enhancing details that would normally be hid in other photos. The pictures show architectural ambientation as church interns, galleries, historic monuments and places, giving them a more complete perspective not only on the subject but on what surrounds it too.

As always, the print quality is at the maximum level: the photos are printed on a professional photographic paper Canson, then mounted on a aluminum structure called Dibond protected with a plexiglass antireflex panel “Truelife”, surrected with a swiss special glue “Diasec” that preserve and protect the quality and the life of the print. Really some artwork masterpiece.

You can see all of Luciano’s work on his website, in alternative you can always come visit us!

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